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Barbara Paulson, Founder
My Company Allows Your Company to Grow Financially and Spiritually
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Sherri Somers, Sherri Somers Unlimited Services
30 Livestream Ideas for Your Next Live Videos Click Here
Linda Jordon, LRJ Coaching & Business Solutions, LLC
30 min Jumpstart Corporate to Call Session Click Here
Ceinwyn Rudnick, Veritas Accounting Solutions PLLC
Self-Employment Tax Breakthrough
Ann Keaney, Ann Keaney Coaching
4 Step Guide to Scale Your Coaching Business: Secrets of a Profitable AND Scalable Online Coaching Business - That doesn't require more of you... Click Here
Jovana Sredic, Virtualist
Digital Marketing Checklist Click Here
Cassidy Fritsch, Prestige Global, LLC
Free Consultation With Me. Email cassidy@prestigeglobal.co
Kristin Sullivan, The Bridal Retreat
Free Vision Board Guidance, Wedding Budget Worksheet and Private Rental Venue Tips Click Here
Jessie Zaylia
Cheatsheet - 5 proven ways to start losing weight now  Click Here
Vanessa Zamy, Your Vision's Catalyst, LLC
Skyrocket Your Side Business with Vanessa Zamy Click Here
Nicolette Moore, Q Legacy
How Clear Are You?Click Here
Letitia Harris, Rise Up Creation Intl
21 Client-Getting Activities For Coaches Click Here
Jessica Lathrop, OWLLytics
25+ Unique Etsy Biz Ideas That Actually Sell Like Crazy!Here
Emily Penner, Emily Dawn
Convert Your Call Click Here
Katya Hill, Becoming Limitless with Frequencies
Free Aura/Charkra ScanClick Here
Julie Reynolds, Julie Reynold LLC
3 Secrets That Let's Her Generate Orders On Autopilot & Get People Begging To Join Her Team Without Spending A Dime On Ads Using YouTube Click Here
Shana Dewitt
30-Minute 'Simple Strategy Call Click Here
Lesley Thomas- The Money Mastery Business Coach
The Money Mindset MasterclassClick Here
Maja Savic, QInspired Life by Maja Savic
Free 5-Day Abundance ChallengeClick Here
Raven Jade, Mystic Raven Jade
1 Card Reading, To claim, send an email to mysticravenjade@gmail.com
Denise Mortimer, Fearless Enterprises
FREE QUIZ and REPORT on Business Success Sabotages Click Here
Heather Rosson, Heather Rosson

12 Productivity Hacks that will Change Your Life
Sarah Kochan, Sarah A. Kochan, LLC
Top 30 Places to Post Your Freebie to Massively Grow Your Email List Click Here
Shaquana Watson-Harkness, Dollars Makes Cents
Free Training : Learn How I Was Able To Payoff $169K of Debt Using This Proven System Click Here
Betty Kempa, CPC, ELI-MP, Betty Kempa | Career Coach

Free Private Group "Build a 6 Figure Coaching Business" Click Here

Florence His, Business4People
30 min Free Discovery Session - Entrepreneurial Iteration To Awesome Method (in English or French) Click Here
Sherri Somers, Sherri Somers Unlimited Services
How to Close the Gap in Your Finances Now Click Here
Gora Thiemann, Conscious Expander
Simplicity of a 10k Month Click Here

Talibah M. Bayles, TMB Tax & Financial Services
FREE Consultation and webinar on creating a financial strategy for success by deploying real financial tools: business tax compliance, bookkeeping & payroll, tax planning, business credit building & business financing coaching.. Click Here
Melanie Shiell, Red Heel Empowerment
Pivot Change Guide and Workbook
Dr. Trenese L. McNealy
Power-Up Your Goals Worksheet Click Here
Jacqueline Relke, The JW Method - JW Consulting Inc.
Boost Your Revenue & Increase Sales Conversion Rates Click Here
Veronica Moya, Trust Your Heart
One mini FREE Intuitive Reading Click Here
Kandi Lee, The One-Eleven Network
The Perfect Consult Click Here
Jourdan Guyton, Vera Jean Media
Hashtag Strategy Guide Click Here
Galit Ventura-Rozen, Empowering U
5 Direct Links to Book Speaking Gigs Click Here
Amber Champagne-Matos, Brows on Main
20% off your entire order! Click Here
Tenya Eickenberg, Design Your Existence
Introductory Emotion Code Session
Dana Ogle, That Social Media Lady
Guide to Instagram Reels Click Here
Paula Marie, Ebony Biz Diva
Annual Social Media Content/Marketing Calendar Click Here
Linda Roberts, Whispers of Love, Inc.
5 Tips to Learn Animal Communication Click Here
Amy Lewis, Amy Lewis, Inc.
The Freedom and Fulfillment Accelerator WorkshopClick Here
Anna Sabino - branding & guest podcasting coach
Free pitch to send to podcast hosts and book your guest podcast interviews
Melanie McCool, Mindworx Hypnotherapy
Unlock the Money In Your MindClick Here
Sal Abo, InstantSocialExposure
Free 3 Day Instagram Growth Service  Click Here
LaVonda Thornton-Bush, Travel Queen
5 Night Cancun Vacation Voucher
Janis Carmena, Ecommerce Queen Bee
Free Amazon Canada BootcampClick Here
Casey Lightbody, The Quiet Collective
The Introvert's Guide to Marketing: An 8 Step Checklist to Move from Hidden Treasure to Potent Powerhouse Click Here
Deasha Waddup, Social Treats
11 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Group Click Here
Shara Prophet, Open Door Hypnosis
The Audacity of Confidence guided hypnosis journey. Click Here
Beth Aurora Guerra, PAZ Self-Care & Wellness Club
Affirmation Guidebook
Grace Mosgeller, The Heart Aligned Business
Self Healing Guided Meditation for Clarity, Focus & Peace Click Here
Gina Sabella, Undercover Blogger
Mindset Meditation Audio Click Here
Kathrine Middleton, Be a Dream Catcher
Intro to Instagram & Facebook Advertising
Nicole Diedrich, Diedrich Marketing Strategies
31 - Day Free Content Calendar
Tamara Loehr, Beusail
Beusail Wellness Box Valued at $250Click Here
Myown Holmes, Socially Polished
12 App Countdown, tutorial with 12 apps to use for Standing out on Social.
Tracey Hall, Ethical Direct Selling Group
How to find an ethical online business
Abi Levine, Divine Money Manifesting
The 12 Days of Breakthroughs Challenge Click Here

Crissy Conner, The Visibility Queen
50 Pieces of Content Click Here
Diana Olynick, Alkimia Success
Checklist & Guide to Simplify your Business Click Here 
Megan Yelaney, Megan Yelaney Inc.
Free Case Study: How I Signed 5 High Ticket Clients In ONE WEEK With Zero Paid Ads Click Here
Jade Olivia, You're Doing Great
3 Free Months of You're Doing Great Membership Click Here
Amber Ingraham, Biz Launch Engineer
Abundant Clients. Abundant Life. - Discover What's Holding You Back & Your Next 3 Steps to Start Booking Clients + Worksheets for Action Takers! Click Here
Charlie Garnham, - Client Creation Coach
How To Start Conversations In The DMs Click Here
Maxx Angenetta Jones , Life Coaching Today
Eva Gregory, Leading Edge Coaching & Training, LLC
10 Days of List Building Madness Click Here
Iris Montgomery, Iris Montgomery - Financial Services Professional
Free One-Hour Zoom Meeting with a Certified Financial Advisor Click Here
Felicia Searcy
Stop Self-Sabotage: Six Steps to Unlock Your True Motivation, Harness Your Willpower, and Get Out of Your Own Way Click Here
Sharell Weeams, Sharell Weeams Coaching
Catapult Your Close Rate Checklist: 6 Powerful Questions to Pinpoint Your "Hot-to-Buy" Leads BEFORE a Sales Call Click Here
Scarlet Vincent, Zane Digital Marketing Pte Ltd
FREE Guide: How to Profit from InstagramClick Here
Jenna Faye Madden, Soul Meets Strategy
Aligning With Abundance: 3 Day CourseClick Here
Gianna Contillo Badot, Passionate Boss Coaching
The Passion + Profits Masterclass
Sarah Gemmell, Gem Fitness
Free Live Virtual Workout ClassClick Here
Donna Laurinaria, KoruLife Coaching and RTT Hypnotherapy
30min Mindset Audit Click Here
Regina Buckley, KAB Business Services LLC
12 Credit Lines and Cards
Gintare Balseviciute, Gintares ketogenic wellness
20 min coaching call. Email gintarebalse1@gmail.com
Tiffany Toombs, Blue Lotus Mind Institute
Free Limiting Belief Clearing Call
Debbie Marielle Elzea, More Intimacy, Sexual Transformation
Two full, complementary somatic sex and intimacy coaching sessions, weekly drawingClick Here
Linan Munoz, Spiritual Business & Branding
"Value Harmonics" 6 step guide to unapologetically connect to your higher self & power up profits into your business. Click Here
Erika Kullberg, Plug and Law
Free Legal Guide Click Here
Josephine Husain, JoJo Husain 
How To Become A Client Magnet On Facebook Click Here
Panagiota Panagiotaki, Up Life Psychology - High Quality Success Coaching
FREE Session That Boosts Your Career Click Here
Shannon Lavenia, Brand Builder Collective
Brand Builder 101: Create an Obsession Worthy Brand. Click Here
Tania Halpin, divineinspirit.com
55 Things You Must Know to Survive and Thrive In A Pandemic. Click Here
Shannon Corn, Shannon Corn Coaching
Is He the King to your Queen? 5 Signs He's Worth Your Time PDF
Caroline Bjorkquist, Bjorkquist Media
5 Day Free Challenge. Click Here

Laura Buhl, Ecommerce & FBA Boss Babes
Quick Starting Guide on Starting an E-Commerce Business
 email: hello@laurabuhl.com

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, Moon Goddess Academy
The Eye of the Storm: A Meditation to always reconnect you to your center of peace, safety, and security through the storms of life.Click Here
Meliss Jakubovic, Meliss Marketing
Access to my free resources Click Here
Hannah Dixon
The Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Assistance
Shneidine Chery, Millennial Money Magnet, LLC
30 mins free of Money tips on Money Talk Monday Show Email magnetmoneymoves@gmail.com
Mia LaMotte, LaMotte International LLC.
Make Time Your B!tc* Training Bundle Click Here
Kimberly Mylls, Recreate
Free Passion Test for women 50 and up looking to RECREATE - Can you turn your passion into profit?Click Here
Dina Behrman, Dina Behrman Communications
 Free PR & Content Calendar Click Here
Peri Shawn, The Coaching and Sales Institute
Selling with Science and Soul Masterclass  Click Here
Amanda Fardella,  Live Free with Aribnb
FREE PDF: Live Free with Airbnb! How I started my own lucrative Airbnb business with no risk, no money down, and built passive income in my first 30 days (without owning any property!)  Click Here
Divya Bannerjee, Awaken The Inner Goddess
Free 60 min Consultation Here
Poornima Vamsi, Hormone Balance Coach
7 Days Hormone DetoxClick Here
Jessica DiNatale, CLEARvoyant Vision
Free Gift. Send an email to dinatalejessica@gmail.com
Valeriya Lisitsyna, Val Lis
Insta Growth Hacks PDF Click Here

Ginna Tassanelli, The Style Rebel Mama with Premier Designs
Ultimate Closet Clean Up Checklist. Click Here
Christie Ruffino, Dynamic Professional Women's Network
1 Free Overcoming Mediocrity book with incredible stories of courage, resiliency and success.. Click Here
Laura Haleydt, Laura Haleydt - Instagram Marketing
Free hashtag guide to spike reach on Instagram
Tami Jaffe, Tami Jaffe Coaching
Corporate to Cash Jumpstart Kit Click Here
Sandi Holst, The Holst Continuum Inc.
Bridging the Gap from Fear to Freedom:  3 Simple Steps to Manifest Your Business Desires!. Click Here
Dallisa Hocking, Spirit & Spark®
10 Ways to Manifest Your DreamsClick Here
Melanie Gillespie, Off The Map w/ Melanie
The Burnout Escape Plan: One free 60 minute strategy session on ditching your overwhelm and burnout today! Click Here
Angela Henderson, Angela Henderson PTY LTD
50 Ways to Grow Your Business to Get More Clients/Customers Click Here
Rachel Tucker, Power On Your Body Online Fitness Transformation
42 Page Recipe book For the Busy Mom Click Here
Rhodesia Jackson, Rhodesia J Designs
Inclusivity Social Media Guide Click Here
Randy Rolfe , Institute for Creative Solutions
Free ebook: The True Secret to Weight Loss Is Energy: How to Forget about Dieting, Restore Your Natural Energy, and Attain Your Ideal Weight. Email randy@lifestylesuperstars.com
Keisha Frazier, Keisha Frazier Coaching
Cool, Calm, CEO - how to release anxiety around your biz, stop trying to stronghold your results, find more flow and transform into a grounded, soul-driven CEO Click Here
Reelika Schulte, Dream Lifestyle
4 Step Process How To Create A Winning Coaching Business With Premium Programs & Passive IncomeClick Here

Jessi Carrillo, Waiive Web Design
Brand & Website Audit Click Here
Kenee Thompson + D'Shaunte McKnight, K+D Styles, LLC.
Style Consultation Click Here
Sabine Schwartz. Healthy Keto Moms
7 Day Keto Meal Plan Click Here
Viktoriia Miracle, PurposeFULL Day
PurposeFULL Day Guide™ - An ancient secret that that will double your productivity, maximize your focus, and show you exact days to do promotions!
Lauren Cohen, ScaleUPCheckUP
Business Risk Assessment! Click Here
Mihaela Vlad
Free Home Screen Digital Download - with my artClick Here
Sarah Cordiner (MainTraining)
FREE 'Course Creation Starter Kit' Click Here
Terra Bohlmann, Terra Bohlmann | Business Coach for Women
DESTINATION SUCCESS: The Workbook to Map Out Your 5-year Plan Right Away Click Here
Jessica Krewson, DesignKrew
Brand Archetype  Click Here
Annette Maria Szproch, Activations By Annette LLC
Radical Clarity Click Here
Ultra L. Lume (Ultrá Adjanys Marrero), Manifestationbitch.com
Mindgasm Hypnotic Audio Click Here
Chloe Saffron Gibson, Chloe Saffron Coaching - Intuitive Abundance Coach
Free how to have a 5 figure launch ebook Click Here
Leah Epstein Armstrong, eLifestyle
Free Home HIIT Workout
Dena Soliman
19 Strategies to Build Your Network Marketing Business on Social Media Click Here
Megan Tull, Silverlining Concepts, LLC
Attracting Your Star Clients Blueprint Click Here
Megan Moriarty, Megan Moriarty, LLC
Miracle Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio Click Here
Nicky Thompson - Sexual Energy Coach
Free Workshop - Good Girls Don't Orgasm Click Here
Abie Kamara, Abie Kamara | Simply Up LLC
25 Work From Home Business Ideas Click Here
Luana Ribeira
Get Your Business Featured in the Media Course Click Here
Robyn Bennett, The Technology Queen
ECourse Creation Blueprint. Click Here
Cathryn Mora, Change Empire Books
Book Writing and Publishing Checklist Here
Donna Thomas, LuLaRoe on the Mountainside
Free Styling Guide for Your Body Type
Tina Pittman CPA, CTC, Your Accountant, LLC
Free Tax Saving Analysis For Your Small Business -One Hour Consultation. Click Here
Martha Chinnock,i3 Media Solutions
Free Month of $10 Social NewsletterClick Here
Maria Perez-Ascencio Contreras
 Love Code Therapies. Email love.code@icloud.com

Vanessa Ann Miller, Business Strategist for Mompreneurs
Marketing that Converts Click Here
Michelle Robinson, Coaching by Michelle Robinson
How to Free Yourself from Corporate SlaveryClick Here
Julie Cook, Jingle Jules
 Brand Clarity Guide Click Here

Bridget Aileen Sicsko, Bridget Aileen LLC
Journal Prompts For Clarity & Self Discovery Click Here
Brittany Sanfilippo, Asboldasbritt
Finally Feel Worthy Worbook  Click Here
Dawn McGruer, Business Consort - Digital & Social Media Academy
7 Steps to LinkedIn Success Guide  Click Here
Diahana Barnes Coaching & Consulting
Sell Over Zoom Guide  Click Here
Mariam Aziz, WordCovers
Content Calendar Click Here
Rebecca Branham, Rebecca Branham Health & Wellness Coaching
Overcoming Procrastination Here
Arika Clark Alejo, ThriveEpic, Inc
10 Easy Steps to Create Your Dream Course Click Here
Lara Lee Taylor, Lara Lee Taylor | Copywriter
Coaches: Discover Your Brand Identity Click Here
Sainulzii Ganbold, Sena
Mindset PDF. Email gsainaa01@gmail.com
Averi Melcher
free SEO mini-course Click Here
Lindsey Means, Wai Society
Start Living By Your Design Online Course  Click Here
Kat Abianac, Kat & Fox Digital
Your Dream Community Launch Guide Click Here
Barbra Zuckerman Portzline, Organizational Rebel LLC
Free Ebook: Automated Webinars that Sell Click Here
Stephanie Graniero Smith, Business Chic Mama
"Easy Yes" Memberships LIVE virtual Workshop (Turn What you know into monthly recurring income) FREE TICKET Click Here
Starr Codd, Starr Codd, Business Coach
21 Ways to Get Coaching Clients
Dr. Naieema Jackson, Mindset and Nutrition for Her, LLC
Time Blocking and Slaying Your Goals Click Here
Chantelle Douglas, Write For You Media
Social Media Strategy Guide Click Here
Emily Joy Johnston, Go Higher Journal
Go Higher Journal Click Here
Taylor Hodder, Insta Shop Boutique
I’m offering a free 10-15 minute loom/zoom call or video where I will give you feedback on your Shopify website and how I can help make you much more profitable with a high converting landing page.  Click Here
Cynthia Zenti, Fear-Less Selling
Coaches Guide: 10 Questions to Improve Your Consultation Intake Form Click Here
Miyu Sudo, Happy Weight and Body
A quiz "Which type of emotional eater are you?" to discover the root cause of your emotional eating and receive guidance on how to stop it. Click Here
Miraflor Omagad, Mira and Noel Digital Marketing
Virtual Workshop on How to Run a Digital Business Click Here
Tanya Akimenko, Golden Apple Agency Inc
Tax Preparation Checklist Click Here
Sam Geaney, Sam Chase Consulting LLC
How to Manifest More Money + Clients In Your Biz Click Here
Sarah Nolan
3 Secrets to Living in Flow Click Here
Cheryl Carr, Dr. Cheryl Carr LLC
Discover Your Purpose Guide Click Here
Elizabeth Valdez, Bloom
Blush Gold Social Media Graphics Pack Click Here
Lillyrose Wonder, Woke Earth
Goddess Alignment Coaching Session Click Here
Cassandra Hill, Holistic Living Consulting
How to Create Balance in Your Life Click Here
Courtney Stich, C-Side Creatives
Pinterest Traffic Secrets Click Here
Tesle Tee, Business Babe International Coaching
Increase Your Instagram Story Engagement Mini Training Click Here
Alexandra Marie Hogg, Alexandra Marie Hogg LLC
Beginner’s Guide to Facebook’s Algorithm Click Here
Ashley Bradley, Ashley Bradley, Intuitive Business Coach
Creating Clients & Removing Subconscious Blocks Visualization  Click Here
Rachel Friedman, Rachel Beth Coaching
Chaos to Calm Guide
Tammy Mckinney, Unlocking Your Best Life
UYES Roadmap - Unlocking Your Entrepreneur Success  Click Here
Breanna Gunn, Breanna Gunn Enterprises
The 5 Day Business Accelerator Challenge  Click Here
Brooke Markevicius, Allobee
Outsource Support List 
Luba Evans, Luba Evans Coaching
15 Min Personal 1:1 Phone 'Attract Soulmate' Consultation
Leah Rae Getts, Digital Trailblazer
Course Creators Sales Automation Toolkit  Click Here
Karen Yee, New Futures On Demand
Clarity Call
Aly Gwin, Champion Coffee Co
Free Coffee
Eileen Ystheim, Human Design by Eileen
Free Sales Page Template
Amanda Daniels, Live True Yoga
1 FREE Yoga, Barre or Pilates Fusion Livestream Class
Gwendolen Wilder, Impossible to Possible Women
5 Day Boss Babe Goalsetting Activities Challenge
April Behunin, April Behunin Hypnotherapy
Financial Abundance & Success Hypnosis Recording to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
Jasmine Ingram Thompson, Stellar Consulting & Bookkeeping
Free Small Biz Checklist For Success
Alli Beck, Alli Beck Design
[Free Quiz] Is your brand making maximum impact?
Megan Patzius, Window Seats + Bright Eyes
3 Steps to Starting an Online Service Business
Angel Serrano, BeAltru
2021 Awareness Month + Recognition Days + Hashtags Content PDF
Aleasha Bahr, Aleasha Bahr
6 Ways to Immediately Win More Business
Valerie Cap, The Nurturing Collective
Launching Your Coaching Business in 5 Easy Steps
Megan Nolan, Yoga at My Desk
The Amazing Morning Menu
Hayley Paige, Hayley Paige International
Free Non-Fiction Mini Training
Amanda Daniels, Live True Yoga
Free Yoga Class
Bettina Courtin Dorrek, Austrian Travel Mummy
How to gain sales by optimizing your Facebook Profile
Angella Charumbira, 
Angy F Charumbira
How to Start Your Online
Business Webinar
Cait Ross, 
Cait Ross & Co. 
Create your Signature Talk Masterclass
Sarah Small, The Uncensored Empath
21 Day Empath Meditation Challenge
Melissa Wells, Melissa and Money
Credit Booster Roadmap! Rocket Launch Your Credit Score in 4 Simple Steps!
Slavica Bogdanov, Slavica Bogdanov
10 Steps to $10,000 per month
GiGi Diaz, 
Seizing Happy
How to Monetize your Instagram with <1k Followers
Kristie Keever
Kristie Keever
Brand Growth Guide
Sama Cynthia Jomia, CynthiaJomia.marketing
Inspiring The Everyday Woman
Arnesha Bobo, 
Bausy Books Consulting
Smart Money Roadmap for Freelancers & Solopreneurs
Landi Burns,
Landi Burns | Travel Specialist
Buy One Traveller Concierge Fee, Get An Additional Traveler Free
Andrea Williams, 
The Empress Magazine
What's Your Marketing Strategy Quiz?
Julie Ritchie, 
Do Business Like a Woman
The Get Clients Now Masterclass
Kimberly Lovi, 
Kimberly Lovi, Inc.
FREE Email Sequence Template 
Swipe Files
Roe Couture DeSaro, 
Gutsy Gals Get More, LLC
Your Unique Brand Voice Archetype
Tina Dahmen, Dahmen Consulting OÜ
Course Creators: Access Our Full Library of Masterclasses!
Natalia Kobylkina, No Limits Today
10 Keys to Happiness
Dr. Laura DeCesaris
7-Day Hormone & Health Reset
Lindsay Britt, The Brand Obsessed
Brand Discovery Workbook
Keysha Bass, Youtube Content Strategist
101 Video Ideas For Network Marketers
Omaste Witkowski, Zen Biz Boss
Self Care Toolkits for Creative Entrepreneurs
Kelly Adams, 
Kelly Adams Coaching
Breathe + Leave
Jessica Nazarali, 
Jessica Nazarali Consulting
Elegant Business & Marketing Planning For The Driven Woman Entrepreneur
Kenzie Butera Davis, 
Maro Parents
1-Year Free Access to Maro Parents!
Debora Luzi, 
The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs
11 and 1 content ideas to set your content on FIRE!
Kelly O'Neil,
Marketing to Millionaires
Marketing to Millionaires Executive MBA
Keely Stawicki,
Rebel Funnels
The Lead Generation Hack
Erika Kullberg, 
Plug and Law
Free Trademark Guide
Keira Poulsen, 
Freedom House Publishing Co.
A Guide to Write a Book in 2 months!
Amy Henkels, 
The Amy Mae
Healing by Design
Brittany Harvey,
Road To Success Online
Free Training on getting started Making Money Online 
Claudia Comtois,
Spiritually Inclined
Moon Calendar 2021
Lisa Stamper, Intuitive Life & Business Success Coach
Soul Aligned Success Strategy
Heather Hammerstedt,
Wholist: Lifestyle Coaching and Consulting
Free Training on getting started Making Money Online 
Jessica Magoch,
JPM Sales Partners
High-Converting Sales Script
Viola Hug, 
Psychic Expansion Coach
Quantum Business Strategy: Accessing & Actioning Spiritual Codes For Next Level Success
Vickie Gould,
Vickie Gould International, LLC / Morning Oak Publishing
Easy Writer Book
Tanja Senica,
Hit Splits Coaching
6 Steps to Your Passionate,
 6-Figure Career
Carrie Veatch
Set Yourself Free, LLC
Journal prompts for over 40 calls & $14k in sales in less than a month!
Lateisha Johnson,
Wealth & Wellness Network
Free App That Promotes Women Economic Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship And Personal Development
Amy Lee Westervelt,
Gratitude and Glamour
Dream Design Archetype Assessment
Liz Marasco,
Brady Events and Marketing (BEAM)
FREE Workshop
Ann Ljungberg, Expert Coalition Inc.
Certification Mastery Starter Kit
Nancy Cooper, Nancy Cooper
Sacred Manifesting Ritual Guide
Alisha Beck, Alli Beck Design
44 Free Canva Instagram Templates
Fernanda Firman, 
Fernanda Firman
Clubhouse Bio Power
Deanna Rose Harper Selby,
Better Indeed Group, LLC
Quick video on the 5 Steps to a Perfect Start on the Bookkeeping for Your New Business
Rena McGill, 
Community Subscription - One Free Month *Use Referrer Code: pl0417
Ashley Rainsbarger, 
The Wiser Life, LLC.
35 Journal Prompts to Help Driven Female Entrepreneurs Heal Their Chakras, Stop Self Sabotage and Build Trust in Themselves + Their Higher Power
Taylor Lewis, 
Designs By MOT
Free Website Planner & Check List
Pauline Malubay, Pauline Malubay Consulting
Free Business Resource Library for ALL ENTREPRENEURS
Sabine Matharu, 
Reach For Greatness
1-Page 'Step by Step' Blueprint To Get Predictable Sales In 90 Days
Dr. Stefany Jones,
Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today's POWERHOUSE Woman
Your Roots to Millionaire Fruits: How to Build 10 Streams of Income for Your One Business Product or Idea
Victoria Kopp,
Victory Life Coaching
Free 45 Min Life Coaching Session
Alexis Krystina,
Advance Accounting, LLC
The Crazy Sexy Cash Blueprint
Natalie Butler,
Glow Up Society
65 Positive Affirmations to Overcome Fear and Build Confidence
Cherline Pierre,
 BOSSBuilding Your Way
4 Bullet Proof Secrets [Building Your Business & Brand]
Honor Jones Garrett,
Honor It Company
Monika Bammi,
Divine Health and Wellbeing
Relationships and Stress Podcast
Morgan Blackman,
Holistic Bucks
Master Your Money Mindset: A 3 Step Guide Towards Attracting Abundance
Elise Smith,
Divinely Driven Results
Business Meetings with God 
Kelli Jones,
Kelli Jones Law, PLLC
Legal Cheat Sheet
Elena Favaro Viana,
Contracts for Entrepreneurs
Client Onboarding Checklist
WendyAnn Hornak,
Far From Basic
Goals & Gratitude Worksheet
Jessie Festa, 
Jessie on a Journey
Travel Blogging Resource Library
Nilofer Safdar,
Limitless Living Pte Ltd
Recording To Rewire Your Brain For RECEIVING
Adrienne Rivera, Spiritual Business Coaching (Adrienne Rivera, LLC)
The Visibility Breakthrough 3-Day Video Training
Deborah Jackson, 
Deborah Jackson.com.au
Gain Clarity to Get Paid
Kimone Napier, Kimone Napier Consulting
Ultimate Hiring Budget Calculator
Kristine Schwartz, 
Reinvent Your Hustle
Free Vision Meditation
Create the lifestyle you want and build your business around it!
Kayshaun Brooks,
Renew You Body Butters
Secrets of a Successful Affiliate Program
Michelle Dale, Virtual Miss Friday
The Getting Clients Guide
Sarah Lines, 
Goddess Alchemy Academy
Kawtar El Alaoui,
 Conscious Togetherness
Free Make Your Passion Your Profession Breakthrough Session
Christina Brown,
B. Fit with Christina
Healthy Grocery Shopping List
Kristen Miller, 
Kristen Miller Marketing
The Trustworthy Factor
Patty Tolar, Patty Tolar
Easy and Authentic Conversations That Sell
Eli Natoli, Eli Natoli
Sell Out Your Next Launch: STEAL my13-part Launch Email Sequence
Nicole Henry,
Money Energy Expert and NLP Business Strategy
Six Figure Money Mindset Guide and Training
Ayesha Noelle, 
Ayesha Noelle
The Expert Guide for female entrepreneurs that experience Imposter Syndrome
Saly Sparks-Cousins,
Sparkle Class Academy
14-Day Business Automation Challenge
Rasheda Kamaria Williams,
Empowered Flower Girl
Inspiring Sisterhood: Icebreakers that Engage
Tami Doling-Thatcher,
Silver Lining Organizers, LLC
Light My Spark!
Charlotte Howard
Wealthy Women Inner Circle
45 Minute Business Breakthrough Book
Diane O'Shea,
Luminary Life Coaching - SayByeBye9to5
The Not Just a Checklist Business Checklist
Eugenia Oganova,
Eugenia Oganova Business Coaching
Conscious Wealth Activation 5-part Masterclass
Misti Patrella,
Empowering Awesome
Business Breakthrough Session
Regina Peterburgsky,
Women on Amazon
7 Amazon Business Models Cheat Sheet
Nichole Carlson,
Nichole Carlson Coaching
How to Manifest An Emotionally Available Man Who is Ready to Commit
Samantha Santaniello,
Financial Freedom Automator
Financial Freedom Automator 1 Hour Coaching Call
Sommer Smith,
3-Step 3-day
Thrive Sample Pack
Andrea Theiszova,
Andrea Theisz Coaching
Power Of LinkedIn Summits - free Masterclass
Trine Schmidt,
Free access to the Ajivar app during May 2021
Charlotte Howard,
Heart Centered Women Publishing
7-Figure Author Blueprint
Donna Liza,
Slim Fit Dames
"The Secret To Weight Loss In Your 40s and Beyond" ebook
Lorelei Torino,
Be You Transform
60 Minute Clarity Call
Verity Sewell,
Smart Little Space
10 Simple Steps to Launch your product brand on Amazon - PDF Guide
Raquel Stewart,
Pure Bliss
30 Minute Consultation
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Unburden Your Business
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